Craniofacial reconstruction

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

This project proposes an end-to-end craniofacial restoration technology based on deep learning, and develops a fast and high-precision craniofacial restoration intelligent cloud platform. This project aims to explore the application of artificial intelligence in forensic anthropology. Skull facial restoration is one of the key points of forensic anthropology. Its core significance lies in identity recognition, such as identification by relatives and friends, and retrieval in the face database. In addition, craniofacial restoration is also of great significance to archaeological research. It can help archaeological researchers restore the appearance of ancient people and provide evidence for archaeological research results. In the future, the artificial intelligence-based craniofacial restoration system will be applied to the identification of victims in criminal investigation cases to provide assistance in case detection. It will also be applied to archaeological research to bring history closer to modern times.

Jiancheng Lv
Jiancheng Lv
Dean and professor of Computer Science of Sichuan University

My research interests include natural language processing, computer vision, industrial intelligence, smart medicine and smart cultural creation.